At Manhattan Animal Clinic and Boarding Kennel, our mission is to provide thorough, compassionate care for our patients and clients. We strive for a very friendly atmosphere, and we want everyone to feel welcome in our facility.  We will make every experience with us as comfortable as possible.  We appreciate our clients trusting us in the care of their furry family members.


Family Presence

We understand that some patients are more comfortable when their family is present, so that is why we try to do basic procedures (such as physical exams, vaccinations, and nail trims) in exam rooms where family can be present if they so choose.



We believe educating our clients and answering their questions if very important.  If we are unable to answer all questions during the office visit, we will be happy to answer them during a later phone call.  We also have many educational handouts that can be read in the waiting room or taken home for later.



Refer a Friend Program

We truly appreciate referrals of friends and family, and we reward them with gifts for our patients and our clients.


Suggestion Box

We know we are not perfect, so we also appreciate suggestions and criticisms so that we may learn from them and improve upon them.